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We offer custom trainings, workshops, webinars, and courses aligned with the following design principles:

As educators continue to experience similar problems without clear solutions, we find it's essential to learn from each other. In our classes, we curate powerful social learning opportunities that enable educators to share ideas, solve problems collaborately, and leverage the power of the crowd! Our course dessign captures the benefits of synchronous and asyhcnrous activites by blending self-paced and social learning to create impactful and lasting professional development.

Our expert coaches work closely with teachers to identify and solve difficult problems in their teaching practice, providing personalized support and guidance throughout the learning process. Through collaborative conversations, educators develop new skills and strategies that enable them to create more accessible and impactful learning opportunities for adult students, leading to greater engagement, retention, and success.

Our courses are for creators, with a project-based approach that allows educators to build practical skills and tools that can be immediately applied to their teaching practice. By balancing theory with hands-on learning, we empower educators to build confidence as lifelong learners, enabling them to continue deepening their skillset after the course has ended.

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"I am thrilled that this course has given me the opportunity to create some new tools that I have actually been able to apply to my work! Thank you for helping us explore new ways of doing things." ~Adult Education Instructor in Central Kentucky

Featured Courses

We develop customized professional learning courses tailored to the unique needs of your community with a focus on helping educators develop the skills and knowledge needed to support student success. Our comprehensive range of courses and bootcamps can be delivered in a variety of formats, including online and hybrid, from half-day workshops to multi-month programs, to meet the specific needs of your organization.

Integrating Digital Literacy into Adult Education

Digital literacy is essential for success in education, the workplace, and community life. But time with adult learners is limited, and educators often need to prioritize other content areas over digita literacy instruction. . This course addresses the challenge by exploring how to integrate digital literacy instruction into existing lessons in math, reading, writing, social studies, science, and ESOL. It's designed to help educators enhance instructionsn by leveraging technology into their teaching, ensuring adult learners develop the digital competencies necessary for the 21st century success without requiring extra class time.

Digital Skills for College and Career Navigators

Designed to to support educators in building the necessary skills to navigate digital resources and technology tools that support college and career readiness for adult  students. The course empowers educators to effectively use digital resources to guide their students towards academic and professional success in the 21st century workforce.

Start with Algebra

Designed to support adult educators in experiencing ways to introduce algebra to students at mixed testing levels, and then keep algebra in the curriculum across all math standards. Through hands-on activities and collaborative learning, participants will develop the confidence and proficiency needed to create engaging and impactful algebra learning experiences for adult education students.

Non-Linear Learning in Adult Education: Nurturing Indepdentent Learning Skills

Watch a video. Read an article. Then post once to the discussion board and reply twice to two other posts. Sound familiar? Online learning 1.0 followed a typical linear path. Follow a few steps and then you'll have learned! But we know that actual learning is often messy and seldom linear for adult students. In this class, we explore how course structure can reflect messier learning while also helping students build essential independent learning skills. Educators gain hands-on practice with the digital tools and skills needed to start building modern online and hybrid classes for adult education students.

Using Google Sheets to Create Data Dashboards for Teachers and Students

Designed to equip educators with the skills to create and analyze data dashboards using Google Sheets. This course provides hands-on training in data visualization techniques and dashboard design, empowering educators to track student progress, identify areas for improvement, and make data-informed decisions to support student success.

Digital Intake to Improve the Enrollment Experience for Adult Learners

Intake is an essential part of adult education programming. The process of collecting paperwork, providing engaging orientation, and supporting students through testing and scheduling can be time-consuming for staff and complicated to navigate for students.

In this session, we explore digital tools that can help us create more accessible and effective intake experiences for adult learners. The interactive session provides participants with hands-on experience using dynamic digital tools, including spreadsheet software for efficient data management, survey software to enhance intake forms, screen recording tools for creating intuitive student tutorials, and outreach platforms including basic websites and social media. We also explore examples of intake experiences, enabling participants to identify key areas of improvement in their current systems. Throughout the session, we foster an environment of active learning, encouraging participants to directly practice using digital tools, ensuring they leave the session ready to start building or improving their current intake systems.

Outcomes for participants include the development of the skills and knowledge needed to create high-quality, accessible, and impactful digital intake experiences. By taking advantage of digital tools and automation, administrators and staff can significantly improve their efficiency and effectiveness of intake systems, resulting in a smoother, more accessible enrollment process for adult learners. This session is not just about adopting new technologies—it's about transforming the way we approach intake and enrollment, with the ultimate goal of better serving our adult learners.

Task Automation to Save Time and Better Support Adult Learners

In the digital era, adult education administrators and instructors are frequently pressed for time, balancing a variety of responsibilities while striving to create and maintain impactful learning experiences. A challenge and opportunity exists in optimizing the use of time without compromising quality. In this session, we’ll focus on powerful automation tools that can help adult educators simplify the processes of calendar management and communication, freeing up valuable time and allowing staff to focus on what matters most – building meaningful relationships with students.

This session is designed to provide educators with the skills and knowledge necessary to implement automation tools effectively in their respective workflows. Programs and teams will be equipped with practical strategies to optimize time management, streamline communication, and create more impactful learning experiences for students. With these tools at their disposal, participants will be better prepared to meet the demands of their roles and enhance the educational experience for their students.

During the session, we’ll explore various automation options, including integration tools, calendar management applications, and personalized communication processes. Participants will engage in peer learning and hands-on activities designed to build foundational proficiency with automation tools. We will also engage in brainstorming sessions to inspire new ideas and strategies for automation implementation. By the end of the session, participants will have experienced high-quality automations and understand how they can transform daily tasks and ongoing interactions with students.

Getting Started with Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Adult Education

Headlines are awash with stories about artificial intelligence. Is this the start of a new era of education, as transformative as computers and the internet? Or, is AI simply another buzzword and shiny new tool without much use for adult education teachers and students?

Despite its potential, AI may still be a mystery for many educators.  Uncertainty of what AI even is makes it difficult to leverage any possible benefits in classrooms and workflows. 

In this session, educators will have the opportunity to build a foundational understanding of AI through hands-on experiences with popular AI applications, such as ChatGPT for text generation and Canva for image generation. By engaging directly with these tools, educators will gain a practical understanding of AI's capabilities and potential applications in the classroom.

Educators will also participate in community-driven conversations to brainstorm innovative ways to integrate AI into lesson plans and to guide adult students in using AI to support their lifelong learning and college and career navigation. The goal is to equip educators with the knowledge and confidence to seamlessly integrate AI into their teaching practices. Participants will leave with the understanding and skills necessary to transform AI from an abstract concept into a practical tool for enhancing education.

Getting Started with Distance Learning in Adult Education

Designed to support educators in transitioning to remote teaching and learning environments. The course provides a comprehensive introduction to the tools, techniques, and best practices required to effectively engage adult learners in an online or hybrid setting, including supporting educators in developing key digital proficiencies with the hadware and software needed to design, implement, evaluate, and improve their digital teaching experiences. 

Welcoming Students and Teachers Online: Creating Collaborative Online Learning Communities

Designed to support educators in creating a welcoming and inclusive online learning environment for adult students. This course provides strategies for building community and fostering collaboration in virtual classrooms, empowering educators to promote engagement, learning, and success in their online courses.

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