Using digital tools to enhance adult education.

Technology has the potential to transform the way we learn and work. Let's explore what the future of adult education can look like.

Learning and teaching in the digital age is new for everyone. Simply put, we believe everyone in the classroom is a teacher and a student.  We provide customized professional development courses and group coaching in edtech to help teachers effectively use digital tools to save time and create more meaningful learning opportunities for students.

Math is often the last barrier for students in earning a high school equivalency diploma.  We develop experiential learning opportunities that help teachers and students build confidence as creative mathematicians that possess the problem solving skills needed for modern HSE exams.

High-quality curriculum has the power to inspire and engage adult learners. We can help build and design digital-first curriculum to support accessible and impactful online and blended instruction.

As experts in adult education program delivery, we offer tailored project management services to help achieve your project goals. From technology integration to new curriculum launch to developing HyFlex programming,  we can help plan, execute, and monitor projects to ensure success. 

Our Co-Founders

Joey Lehrman


Joey is an award-winning educator, speaker, and writer with over 15 years of experience in adult education.  Joey led the development of the first fully online adult education program in Louisiana and is now Project Manager with ISTE's SkillRise Initiative.


Christin Smith

Director of Professional Development

Christin is a former high school math teacher turned Adult Educator who specializes in math curriculum development and professional learning for adult educators. Christin is currently serving as a Math Instructor for the Adult Learning Center at Morehead State University.


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